Artemisia of the Week: Wormwood


Species: Artemisia abstinthium

Common names: Wormwood, Absinthe wormwood, Common wormwood, Green ginger

History/Folklore: The name Wormwood is derived from one of its many uses – to expel Worms and other intestinal parasites. It has been used for centuries to aid in digestion, relieve nervousness, strengthen contractions and reduce labor pains. Wormwood is probably best known as the key ingredient in Absinthe.

Appearance: Wormwood has tall and erect somewhat furrowed stems, which can reach two to four feet in height. It has silvery green, deeply serrated leaves with down-like fine hairs underneath. Small rounded yellow flower heads appear in July and August.

Parts Used: Leaves, stems and flowers

Cut and dry in July and August after flowers appear.

Actions:  febrifuge, anthelmintic (vermifuge), nervine tonic, stomachic,emmenagogue

Indications:  Has been used to reduce fever, expel intestinal worms and other parasites, strengthen the nervous system, aid in digestion, strengthen labor contraction and reduce labor pain, regulate menstruation..

Counterindications: Avoid during pregnancy.

Cultivation: Cuttings and layering or by seed.

Light: Full sun

Zones: 3-9

Plant Type: Perennial, Herb, Shrub

About Airmeith Naturals

Anna has over 25 years of experience working with herbs. She trained as a chef specializing in classical French cuisine. Anna has extensive knowledge of herbs used in cooking, as well as having researched the historic use of culinary herbs & spices. She is a Certified Community Herbalist who has completed multiple apprenticeships and classes with renowned Herbalists along with her own studies. Her concentration is in Western European Herbal Practices. She has attended college for Environmental Science as well as earning her certificate in Massage Therapy and is licensed in the state of Massachusetts. In addition, Anna is a Certified Reiki Master Teacher. Anna lives in Western Massachusetts with her family and has over an acre of gardens to play in. Anna is the herbalist at Airmeith Naturals in Holyoke Massachusetts
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